Elders & Deacons

Elders Role / Responsibility:

Elders are spiritually qualified men who serve the church by exercising servant-leadership, providing oversight and directing the affairs of the church. They are respected, spiritually qualified, approved servant-leaders who are recognized as spiritual men and are therefore voluntarily submitted to and followed by the church. They are not superiors but respected servant leaders. Elders devote themselves to prayer, providing oversight for the church, preparing the members of the church for works of service, preparing reliable men who will be able to serve as Elders, and the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Elders must be able to communicate the Word of God in an understandable way to build up believers and refute false doctrine and false teachers.

Elders are responsible for preparing and recommending new members. Elders shall serve as the Pastoral search team when necessary. Elders are held accountable to the Word of God in their ministry to one another and by the membership of the church.

The pastoral staff must meet the Biblical qualifications of Elders and are therefore recognized as Elders of the church. The New Testament norm is a plurality of Elders for the local church. The Elder board will consist of both compensated and non-compensated men. The Senior Pastor is the compensated preaching/teaching Elder and serves as the primary leader of the Elders and Pastoral staff.

The Elders shall meet regularly and shall have a schedule of meetings of no less than one a month. Special meetings of the Elders may be made by the request of the Pastor or upon request of two or more Elders. The Elders shall serve as trustees in all legal and contractual transactions.

Deacons Role/Responsibility:

Deacons and Deaconesses are spiritually qualified men and women who serve the church by exercising their spiritual gift(s) and serving the needs of the church members by administrating the various details of the ministry under the oversight of the Elders. The Deacons and Deaconess serve the Elders by administrating their leadership, freeing the Elders up to continue to pray, provide oversight, preach, and prepare members for the work of the ministry. They serve the church members by ministering to their various needs so that the members are freed up to do the work of the ministry.


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